Produce Retail Operations

Martinous Produce Company is now offering fresh produce to the public.  We pledge to our customers to bring in the best produce available.  The quality of produce we offer is unmatched by what chain stores offer.  We ship it in and deliver it directly to you.  Forget about all the waiting for it to go through warehouses where it will spend a few days only to be shipped and wait a few more days before you have a chance to buy it.  If you are interested in fresh produce, then come get it straight from us. We are also proud to introduce you to our two new divisions Fruitoramma Fundraising and Naked Fruit Company.

Fruitoramma Fundraising is a simple, healthy alternative for raising money. We offer a profit potential up to 40% making it a great way for your organization to meet your fundraising goals while also offering your community some of the best fruit available.  Check us out at

Naked Fruit Company offers any customer the opportunity to get premium quality fruit delivered right to your doorstep.  We also offer corporations a great way to say thank you, provide incentives and even encourage employee wellness.  Check us out at

We offer seasonal staple box specials. As well as buy by the case to individuals.