Produce Wholesale Distribution Operations

Martinous Produce Co., Inc. provides fresh produce to the Midwestern United States.  We operate right here in the heartland and can reached any customer almost overnight. Our distribution network contains grocery retailers from private businesses to large chain stores and corporations. We focus on "Just-in-time" deliveries to ensure product is at its peak freshness and is available for normal and promotional inventory, meeting our customers’ needs. We continually work with our vendors to accommodate the customer and pledge to do our best to provide the best product possible. We've personalized our service toward individual needs and work with the customer for continued improvement of all our services.

If you are currently searching for a wholesale produce distributor and are located in the Midwest U.S. region, please contact us to answer your questions or arrange a meeting with someone from our staff. If you are not located in the Midwest region, but are interested in our company, please call us to find out if our services are headed your way soon.