Four generations of our family serving yours

Providing fresh fruits & vegetables since 1911

Helping you enjoy fruits and vegetables that look as good as they taste is a family tradition for us. Beginning with bushels in the back of horse-drawn buggies to carefully sealed packages of hand-picked produce today, we’ve always worked hard to ensure you eat wonderfully well when you choose Martinous.

Fresh Produce Boxes

Weekly boxes available to purcHASE

Reserve a box today! Choose from a Fruit, Veggie, Keto, or Combo box and get a great selection of healthy, flavorful options for meals and snacks. Pay at pickup.

Weekly Boxes

What’s in the box this week?

Scroll over the box names to the right to see what delicious, fresh produce is available this week.

A box full of vegetables is packed and ready for pickup or delivery from Martinous Produce.

Combo Box

We are going to do a BIG Combo box and have the grillers you can add on!

Combo Box = $50
Red grapes
2 Lemons
2 Limes
10 Corn on the cob
5 lb Russet potatoes
2 Avocadoes
Baby carrots
Romaine lettuce
Grape tomatoes
2 Cucumbers
Sweet onion
2 Asparagus

Griller add ons:
$10 – 2 pack Black Garlic Chicken Kebobs
$10 – 2 pack Black Garlic Beef Kebobs
$10 – 6 pack Classic stuffed mushrooms
$10 – 5 pack Classic stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos

All orders MUST be submitted by 8:00 Wednesday morning. Please indicate if you will be picking up on Friday.
Pick up times are 8-5 on Thursday and 8-3 on Friday.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Fresh ripe grapes spill out of their packaging within a fruit box ready for pickup or delivery from Martinous Produce.

Fruit Box

Martinous Produce boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables sit in stacks, ready for pickup or delivery.

Keto Box

A box full of fresh keto approved produce is ready for pickup or delivery from Martinous Produce Company.

Vegetable Box

We Never Break the Chain

Why is our food so good?

Every bit of produce we sell or package is carefully managed from field to final delivery so that the cold chain remains intact. Because when a ripe tomato, firm orange, crisp apple, or any other fruit or vegetable is picked, keeping it at the proper temperature every step of the way means you’ll bite into something that tastes fresh-from-the-farm and is always safe to eat.


1. Chilled Fast

When a fruit or vegetable is picked it’s chilled as quickly as possible.


2. Shipped Cold

Every vehicle is refrigerated to keep the produce cold during transport.


3. Stored Cold

Upon delivery, it is received into a refrigerated dock. 

Produce with Produce

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Knock, knock — it’s tasty fruit at the door

Treat yourself or someone you care about to an undeniably delicious fruit delivery from the Naked Fruit Company. From single fruits to sample boxes, holiday themes to anytime surprises, you can send a yummy smile any time of year.